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Do you know what “jesus paid it all” really means? Well, let’s take a moment to discuss it.

In Luke 4:18, Jesus said this, ” I came to announce Release (pardon, forgiveness) to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free those who are oppressed (downtrodden, bruised, crushed by tragedy). To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord (the day when salvation and the favor of the Lord abound greatly”).

That means that all of God’s blessings are for us to obtain, because Jesus paid the ultimate price. Everything he promised pertains to all of His children.

So today we can pray, petition, and speak blessings knowing that our voice will be heard, and our words will be fruitful before the Lord our Creator, because of Jesus.

And we learn that we must accept the blessing and respond. So how do we receive and respond to a blessing from our Heavenly Father? We anticipate His blessing with a thankful heart, and declare that His Word is so.

What happened on the cross was exactly what Jesus said. He restored to us everything that the enemy robbed from us. Freedom, Peace, Wholeness and Prosperity in all areas of life. God wants you to live the life that he always intended, fruitfulness and multiplication. We have the right now as children of God to command a release of every good thing of God’s. We are rightful heirs and it is Now time to reclaim our positions here in the world. All of creation groans and waits for the sons of God to be revealed.(Romans 8:19) The world needs to see God in us now! He gave us our rights as owners back.

So let us expect the blessings God, and enjoy His goodness. Be thankful for the gift of His Son Jesus, which is His greatest blessing to us each day of our lives.